Web Based Push Notification Services


Web Based Push Notifications

Our one of a kind web based push notification service allows you to send messages to your subscribers direct to their browser screens even if they are not on your website or offline at the moment. Best of all, your website visitors both on desktop and mobile can opt to receive messages with just one click without revealing any of their personal data resulting in higher subscriptions. This is the future of push messaging and works better than any emails, without any apps and helps truly connect with your followers.

What is Web Based Push Notification?

By now, all of you must have experienced receiving messages from apps installed on your smartphone. From games to news and shopping apps, any app you install, you will start receiving messages from them urging you to take some action. Sometimes these are promotional messages or special offers and at other times it is simply to let you know about what’s new with the app. It is a brilliant way to keep in touch with customers and increase conversions.

However, for a business to utilize the power of push messaging, they needed to first spend thousands of dollars and have a mobile app of their own developed. Then they had to spend another fortune convincing hundreds of thousands of users to download the app and then only they could send messages and reap any kind of reward.


With the revolutionary web based push notifications service, things have dramatically changed for the better. Now all a business or any online venture would need is simply a website. By installing our software on your website, your visitors whether on desktop or on mobile would get a simple notification or blended pop-up asking if they wanted to receive more information or messages from your business. All they have to do is click “yes” and they are connected to you. They do not need to provide any kind of personal information or go through double opt-in to start receiving messages from you.

You as the admin, can now simply login to your control panel and send out any message you want to your subscribers. You can even schedule messages for a certain date or time. These messages appear instantly on your subscriber’s browser window and they have to read it before closing the message. Best of all, they do not need to be on your website to receive a message and even if the subscriber is offline, they will receive the message moment they are online next.

Re-Engage Visitors Even if they NEVER Come Back to your Website Again

How It Works?

Just three simple steps to engage customers.


We will install our revolutionary web based push notification software on your website and add the opt-in code to any webpage where you want to ask your visitors to subscribe to your messages.


Visitors to your website will receive a customizable notification asking them if they would like to receive messages from you. No personal information is required and all they have to do is click “allow” or “yes” or whatever you want.


Start Messaging

Start sending out messages to your subscribers from your special admin control panel. Your subscribers will receive the messages even if they are not on your website or offline. Re-engage customers direct on their desktop or mobile screens.

For a limited time only, get the LIFETIME version of our software with no recurring fees, installed direct on your website hosting for full control.


Here is everything what you get with our web push notification software.

Unlimited Subscribers

No limits on the number of subscribers you can have for your push messaging campaign.

Unlimited Messaging

Send as many messages as you like. No hidden fees or any kind of recurring charges at our end.

Easy Subscriber Opt-In

Let website visitors opt-in for your push notifications easily increasing subscription rate.


One Click Push Messaging

Send out messages with one click. It just cannot get easier than this.

Easy Click Tracking

Track how many subscribers clicked on links in your messages and fine-tune your sales funnel.


List Management

Manage your subscriber lists easily. Create, view or edit your subscription lists with one click.

Auto Thank You Message

Send out an automatic thank you message when visitors subscribe engaging them right away.

Single Click Offer Direct

Let subscribers view your offer or promotion link with one click in your push messages.


Message Scheduling

Schedule messages in advance, send them out at the best time and date as required.

What You Need to Get Started


You of course need a website where you want to ask your visitors to subscribe to your messages. You will need to provide us with your control panel access so that we can setup your database and our push messaging software.

SSL Certificate

You will need a SSL certificate from your host to ensure your website is secure. Note that almost all hosting or domain registration companies provide SSL certificates for a nominal annual fee. We can arrange one for you as well if required.

Free Google Account

You need a free Google account like a Gmail address so that we can connect the push messaging software to Google’s Firebase Cloud Messaging System. This is an incredibly easy step with built-in integration in our software.

You do not need to worry about a single thing. We take care of the entire installation process and troubleshooting where required.

Which Desktop and Mobile browsers support Web Based Push Notifications?

For Desktop:

  • Chrome 42+
  • Safari 7.1+
  • Firefox 44+

For Mobile:

  • Chrome 42+
  • Firefox 48+

Get Started Absolutely Risk Free

Don’t lose out to your competition or pay high monthly costs. Get our limited LIFETIME offer with full money back guarantee. Contact us now to learn more.

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